Batman Day 80th Gift and Metal Part II Teaser: SJ Mueller at Kinda Funny Games!

Dark Nights: Metal Vol 1 #3, 2017

Dark Nights: Metal Vol 1 #3, 2017

Today, Creative Director S.J. “NerdOfPrey” Mueller appeared on two of Kinda Funny Games’ Twitch livestreams where she talked about DC Universe Online, Episode 35: Metal Part I, her background, including working in a comic book shop herself! She mentioned her different studious and occupational ventures prior to working on the game finally in 2010, as she truly was meant to become the Creative Director of DCUO as she rightfully is with the passion she has shown for the characters and stories they have adapted and made their own in this game over many years. She provided us with insight on the weeks and months of work that it takes to construct or update character models in terms of time, or creating maps for the game, working with iconic voice actors, writers and the entire development team to get content set for release, and expressed the decisions of having Episode Preview Events enabled everyone to be able to enjoy the latest content in some way, not preventing anyone from joining in on the fun.

Although mentioned later, we’re bringing up the Batman Day 80th gift as it is only four days away! S.J. stated that alongside the Batman Day 2019 T-Shirt Gifts that came out on September 13th and redeemable until the 30th, (be sure to log in if you haven’t already,) coinciding with the global celebration of Batman Day 80th Anniversary with various parts of the world lighting up Bat-Signals, there will be a special gift that is Bat-Signal related that we can redeem on September 21st 2019! Our best guess, given that all Orbital Strike Uplink Device Trinkets were tagged with Batman Day 2019 with the launch of Metal Part I, would be a Bat-Signal stylized Orbital Strike Uplink Device Trinket or possibly a normal trinket that shoots up a Bat-Signal for Premium or free players, while it could be something else entirely.

Now, for the Metal Part II Teaser! S.J. was asked by our own Dstdnt in chat, which Greg Miller graciously posed to her, upon a potential Stadia release and for any hints pertaining to Metal Part II, where her response was that Stadia as a whole, stating that she is excited for Stadia for gaming in general, with her answer upon Metal Part II being much more interesting. She stated we will see Barbatos, as mentioned in prior press releases, and that we will be going off-world to a place we have never been to, citing Oa is an off-world place we have been to prior, but did not confirm where the location would be due to still being worked on. Soon after, Twitch viewer Randommer52 also asked if it was Thanagar, with it being the source of Nth Metal, while her reply was that it was interesting, yet not on target.

As far as we can speculate pending upon the locations in the comics storyline of Metal, while it could very well be a completely different area not explored in the comics with the classic DCUO plot twist, we do have a few very iconic off-world and technically off-universe locations this could be, while it could totally be something else entirely! Here is our top five guesses at what it could potentially be!

  1. Forge of Worlds: Where all universes were forged into existence that later became into the Dark Multiverse itself, where the climactic end of Metal in the comics ended.

  2. The Dreaming: The domain of Dream of the Endless, it is the world where people go when they dream that is shifting realm of symbol, belief and imagination, it also hosts another location which we finally were able to enter this year, the House of Mystery.

  3. House of Heroes: Pandimensional satellite tower that is located at the center of the Multiverse, originally used by the Monitors until there was only one left to guard the Multiverse.

  4. Ultima Thule: Extra-dimensional boat that was created by the Monitors to traverse through the Multiverse using “frozen music” to vibrate to the frequencies of the different universes.

  5. Hypertime: Network of alternate realities that branch off from the main universe. Although more of a concept, in recent comics including Metal, where Cyborg became Cyborg One Million, (as we hoped he would back when they introduced his new model in Teen Titans: Judas Contract,) he played a huge role in unwillingly aiding the Dark Knights and in their undoing by granting the Justice League access to this area.

Again, these are only speculations upon what the Batman Day gift and new off-world location can be, but we cannot wait to find out and report to all of you of just what exactly they are as Batman Day 2019, on Batman’s 80th Anniversary is celebrated September 21st, and for Episode 36: Metal Part II, along with the year long tease of Donna Troy’s new character refresh model to release this December!

Below we have clipped three portions of the second video where S.J. stated what was covered in the video, as well as links to the full two livestreams in which she appears in alongside Greg Miller, the celebrity that manages Kinda Funny, who is a longtime DCUO player, comic fan and voice of Superboy in DCUO since 2016!