BeeHIVE Yourself Feat (Walkthrough)

Hey everyone!

This is a little walkthrough on how to complete the BeeHIVE Yourself Feat in Episode 32 Teen Titans: The Judas Contract. This Feat requires you to "Chase Off the HIVE Infiltrators on Titans Island".

Step 1 - The Feet

Around the island you will find Golden Footprints. These footprints will guide you to the location of the HIVE Infiltrators. They aren't very far away, just a few feet (inner giggles).

Infiltrator Feat Feet.png

Step 2 - The Location

Here is one location of the HIVE Infiltrators. left side of the Titans Dock you'll find the a pair of Feet next to the Investigation marker. Follow it around the rocks and a HIVE Infiltrator will spawn right there in the corner of the beach located in this picture. 

Infiltrator Feat Location1.png

Step 3 - The Win

You can actually Spawn Camp the HIVE Infiltrators or until the Devs feel like Patching it. The Infiltrators will respawn every 45 Secs as long as someone is standing on the last set of Golden Footprints. Standing on the last set will allow the person to get credit when it spawns.

There are many more Spawn Locations for the HIVE Infiltrators. If you know any more locations be sure to comment below with the location and a picture can help too. You can send the pictures to Trexlight on Discord or @thisistrex on Twitter.

More Locations!

Check out the video below made by Shadowdragon on another location of the HIVE Infiltrators.