Game Update 83 - May 29, 2018

Game Update 83 has launched bringing the next Phase of Style Unlocking, new Cross Faction Operations and a lot of Bug Fixes.

Style Unlocking – Phase 2!

With this Game Update, we’re rolling out our next wave of Styles available for Style Unlocking! You’ll now find several more past items from Booster Bundles 4-6, Collection Rewards, Character Creation, PvP and Faction Vendor Gear, Survival Mode Rewards, and Time Capsules 4-6 now eligible for Style Unlocking!

As mentioned with our launch of the feature in the last Game Update, Style Unlocking is a major undertaking, and we’ll be continuing to roll out even more Styles with future updates.

Operations Now Cross Faction

  • 4-Player Operation: “Rise of the Bat”
  • 4-Player Operation: “War Crimes”
  • 8-Player Operation: “Ultimate Soldier” (Normal and Elite versions)

Base Armory

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent the Material for the Mastery Two style from saving in an armory.


  • The Black Mask of Death Feat now lists "The Black Flash’s Cowl" as the requirement for completing it.


  • Prototype Owl Helm of Omnipotence now has durability.
  • Atlantean Conch of Omnipotence now has durability.

Doomed Metropolis

  • Doomsday should show a chevron (skull) icon before he does his eye blast attack.
  • Death of Superman Missions now grant Marks of Victory to players within relevancy of CR 10-262.
  • The Doomsday Plague Probiotic has had its cooldown increased to 2.5 minutes. This corresponds to when it starts flashing, indicating its effect will go away in 30 seconds.

8 Player
Spindrift Station

  • Various minor updates to Morgwar fight. He should be a lot less likely to fire off any attacks while he's growing. He shouldn't absorb two pools in very quick succession.
  • Water Vortexes present in the Elite version have shorter melee range now.
  • Morgwar's Typhoon phase should be less likely to behave incorrectly.

Starro: The Threat Below

  • Story and Event version of Stemming the Tide should now drop gear.

Open World
Starro: Central City

  • Players will no longer be able to move NPC mission givers in the mission hubs.


  • War of the Ocean collection pieces now message the collection's reward in their tooltip.

No Medicine Needed

  • Fixed an issue with “No Medicine Needed” feat not granting upon the completion of the Odoriferous collection. Players who already completed the collection should now be granted this feat upon log in, though some players may need to complete a different Style feat in order for this fix to take effect.

4 Player - War Crimes

  • Fixed an issue where music was not playing.

Open World - Area 51

  • The repair vendor can no longer be KO’d by enemy NPCs, nor moved by physic objects.

Amazon Fury Part III – Episode 27

  • Fixed an issue where Villain mission NPCs would go on leave and not return for an extended amount of time.

2 Player
Demon's Plan

  • Fixed an issue where adds might appear after Ra's was defeated.

The Bombshell Paradox

  • Fixed an issue where the teleporter to enter the final fight would expire during the cinematic.